Archnova founded with the idea for a mental health club, now three years later we have expanded and our time in high school has come to an end. As our Archnova members all head off to the next venture in their lives; going off to University, we have made the executive decision to disband “Archnova” as an organization.



Our toolkit is our legacy. We hope those who will use this toolkit will learn from the steps we took to create change not just in our state, but our nation. The Steps To Activism is available for free from us to you; whoever you may be, a student, teacher, parent, social worker, politician, this toolkit is for you and for uplifting social activism in today’s world. 

To the Youth Activism Project for incubating and raising our ideas. To citiesRISE for the opportunities of global impact as well as The University of Washington for being open to youth voice.

Thank you


I was 15 years old when I founded Archnova, now, three years later it was difficult to make this ultimate decision of discontinuing this organization. But as a mental health focused organization, I must put my friends mental health at the forefront of our work. With high school graduation and the beginning of University, I felt no desire to add more pressure onto the friends who so humbly joined me in this journey. Though we could have passed the torch down to the next generation, it felt wrong to do so. Whoever the next may be, their dream is much bigger. My dream was to have a school club, and though I am thankful for the opportunities that came with Archnova, the organization’s name does not need to live on. As long as we have faith that the next generation of students will be activists in their own ways, then the legacy of the work we have done rests comfortably. Not on the shoulders of those who come after us, but on the fact that us kids don’t ever stop. So to the reader reading this, whether youth or adult. Become the change your community needs, and don’t limit yourself on one simple dream.  

Finally, I want to personally thank a few people for their impact.

To Mr. Wood, my sophomore psychology teacher who pushed us to continue our work outside of school, thank you for encouraging a group of hopeful teenagers. Thank you to our mentors Jonathan Johnson and Samuel Pang on the endless support and lessons, your guidance is part of what shaped us as individuals today. To Mrs. McCormick, our high school principal for working with us on mental health at schools. Most importantly to Tina Orwall, Ross Hunter and Jennifer Stuber for being the first three adults for allowing us to work alongside you in policy and education. And our friends and family, who only uplifted our spirits and work. Thank you for being here for us, anytime, all the time.  

And without a doubt, thank you to all the supporters and collaborators we have worked with along the way. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are today. 

Seika Brown; Founder and Co-CEO of Archnova 

If you would like to follow Seika’s work in New York and more please check out her website for more information on collaboration, partnerships and projects/campaigns. 

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