Our Campaign

Current Campaign:

Starting January of 2020, we will be creating a toolkit for the next generation of youth activists. Providing contacts, philosophies and examples of past work.

We will be providing this toolkit online for free as well share it in-person with four-five schools/organizations/etc.. before June of 2020.

This campaign mission is possible thanks to CitiesRise and the Youth Activism Project

Past Work:

  • Testified for House Bill 1221 in the Washington State Legislator

  • Provided input and helped pass House Bill 1216

  • Created a Three-Tier Program for our local school district and schools 

  • Worked closely with the University of Washington School of Social Work Forefront in suicide prevention training

  • Spoke at multiple panels in Washington State about mental health

  • Worked alongside the Seattle Neighborhood Group in mental health awareness to Seattle and surrounding schools.

  • Assisted other youth activists in their activism and mental health work.

  • Partnered with multiple local, national and global organizations for other events focused around mental health and youth involvement.

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