Our Team

Seika Brown

Founder and Co-CEO

Maverick Mendoza


About Us


Archnova is a youth organization focusing on improving connections between people by inspiring, campaigning and advocating for change. However as a team we focus on our work through

the lens of Inter-generational Communications- meaning we bridge the generational gap by

listening, sharing and working with people of all ages.  Here at Archnova, we believe that the youth has influential voices and we also believe the adults pave the pathway for the future-

we believe true change and innovation happens when the world works together, not separately. 


Archnova was formed in late 2017.

However its’ idea of a ‘New Beginning’ was formed after Founder and Co-CEO Seika Brown

presented the increasing problem of mental illness in schools for her sophomore psychology class.

Ever since, Archnova has testified and worked on a bill for Washington State, partnered with multiple Universities, non-profits, global teams and other youth activists across the world. 


We are striving for a future where everyone can be part of the narrative; regardless of belief,

bridging the gap between people and uniting the world in a New Beginning.

© 2019 ARCHNOVA​    Seattle, WA

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